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ArtFest Michigan Ave

This three-day art festival is perfect for those of you visiting Chicago for the weekend. Stop by and stay hi with a cup of coffee while you walk down michigan ave. You can see my work to purchase in person. 

Jul 6

Summer in Europe Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon portugal by rebecca plotnick

This Summer I am heading back to Europe with my family for a big vacation. We are hitting Portugal and exploring Porto and Lisbon. There will be a total of 7 of us including my niece and nephew who are 4 and 9 months. It will be a big adventure traveling with a big group vs being a solo traveler. For any tips on traveling with families or large groups please message me. Also I would love any Porto or Lisbon tips. I will be headed to Budapest and Prague after which I haven't visited so anything would be much appreciated. 

Jun 11

Wells Street Art Festival

paris france boulangerie by rebecca plotnick

The Kick-off to Summer! Come join me for my favorite Festival of the year on Wells Street in Old Town Chicago. From June 10-11. Let's talk Paris, travel, and you have the opportunity to view my new photography from Paris and Havana.