5 Ways to Transition your Home for Fall

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The change of Seasons is happening if we like it or not. I have learned to embrace the hibernation of the colder months over the past few years and I have actually learned to love it. Netflix, warm blankets and not feeling guilty about staying in on a Friday night. Here are 5 easy ways to transition your home from Summer to Fall.

Swap out Pillows/Throws on Couch

The weather is transitioning from warm to cold and you are most likely spending more time on your couch watching Netflix. Add a soft comfy throw to keep warm. I love these from West Elm and Bonus, they are on SALE! I have two of these and their pillows are great two. This is a great opportunity to swap out color schemes at home too if you want.



Add your favorite fall scented candle to your coffee table or nightstand

I personally love the Fig candle from Diptyque. There are a lot of great scents that create the Fall vibe that doesn’t include Pumpkin Spice. (not a fan here) If you want a lower price point candle, I think Nest is a great option. Their Bamboo is my favorite and they have great holiday options when it gets closer to December.

La Prouveresse candle from Diptyque smells like cypress trees, fig, and crunchy leaves. It doesn’t get more Fall than that.

Clean out your closet

If you didn’t wear it this Summer, chances are you won’t wear it next Summer. If you pack your Summer clothes away, this is a perfect time to sort through them and donate what you didn’t wear. I did this over Labor Day weekend and I have empty hangers and space in my closet for new clothes.

Restock your Tea Cabinet

As soon as the cold weather starts, I reach for my tea. I have two that I drink on repeat that I pick up from Paris. Both are available in the US now. The Vanilla Rooibos from Palais des Thés is perfect for when I am feeling under the weather or can’t sleep. I drink hibiscus tea as much as possible and Kusmi Tea has a great one. There are a lot of health benefits to hibiscus tea so it doesn’t hurt. Both are caffeine free so I can drink them in the afternoon into the evening.

Add an extra blanket to your bed

I added a waffle blanket from Boll and Branch to my bed two years ago and I never looked back. I love the texture of the blanket and it is so soft. The extra layer keeps me warm during the cold winter nights in Chicago.

Do you have a favorite way to transition your home to Fall?

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US

When I first started the blog two years ago, the concept was , "how to bring a little bit of Paris into your every day life." After traveling and staying in Paris for months at a time, I finally moved back to Chicago full-time. I was homesick for Paris, the blog was my solution to keep Paris in my life. Now I am constantly reading articles which I round up for you on Sundays which really helps me stay connected to the city when I am gone. I still travel back to Paris a few times a year, but if you can't make it as often as me, I hope the blog brings Paris to you. 

This was a reader request and I was so happy that a good amount of you were asking for this. Here are 25 French Brands that you can by in the US that will bring Paris to you. 

Fashion Brands 

Saint James

The classic French stripes of Saint James are a wardrobe staple. I have one hanging in my closet from a few years ago that I purchased in Paris. My aunt and uncle also purchased similar shirts during their visit. There are many stores around Paris and if you find yourself in Soho you can shop the NYC location. You can always purchase online and they make great gifts. 

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US everyday parisian

Saint James Classic Stripes $90


I bought my first Longchamp during my first trip to Paris in college. I was so excited to go into the store and pick out the perfect color. I have bought more Longchamp bags over the last 15 years that I care to admit. I have mini, small, large, and travel size. Clearly, I love the brand. My most recent purchase was a pink one during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I love adding these bags as a carry on for travel, I own a camel and a navy one. 

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US

Longchamp Weekender $135

Sézane Apartment photo by Charissa Fay

Sézane Apartment photo by Charissa Fay

Sézane first started as an online retailer in Paris which then grew to L'Appartement, the first concept store. There are now locations in Paris, London, and NYC. The brand is a whole lifestyle from fashion, shoes, and home décor. I have visited both the store in Paris and NYC and purchased a few things that I love and wear on repeat. Each month, a new collection is released. The styles are limited and go very quickly. You can sign up for their emails or get the app for notifications when new collections are about to launch. I can't wait for Autumn sweaters to arrive.


I had my eye on a pair of Repetto ballerina flats for months. I got them as a present for my birthday while living in Paris. I absolutely love them! They are delicate so they aren't my walk all around Paris kind of shoes. But they are great with a pair of skinny jeans or a dress or skirt. I really want a pair of the red patent leather heels next. They are expensive but they will last a while if you take good care of them. 


There is a Make store on Oak street in Chicago if you want to explore the brand in person. You can shop directly on their site for French Fashion. Their pieces are pricey and investments but I personally love them. You will see a Maje or Sandro store all over the city of Paris. There are even a few Stock (outlet) Maje stores. You can see all locations on their site here.


Sandro Coat and Longchamp Bag

 My first Sandro purchase was a wool coat at the end of October. I was convinced I would be warm enough in a leather jacket until the weather broke and I couldn't make it. It was a bit pricey but I found it on discount and 5 years later I still wear it and love it. There is a Sandro Stock (Outlet) in the Marais on rue de Sévigné if you have the chance, I highly recommend a visit. You can still purchase Sandro here in the States at retailers such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. The pieces are investment pieces so don't be put off by the price. 

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US

Sandro Dress $450


The best place to buy A.P.C. in the US is through ShopBop. You can’t beat Free Shipping and Free returns. It is Amazon Prime Eligible

For the Home 

25 French Brands You can Buy in the US

Le Creuset

I don't currently own and Le Creuset yet but I hope to own some in the near future as soon as I have a bigger kitchen to display the pieces. You can choose from a variety of colors. My Aunt and Uncle have one of every color but I think I might want to stick to just one, most likely the pink.  If you aren't sold on Le Creuset just yet, I loved this article with more of the history and process that goes into each piece here. 


The first addition to my new apartment in Chicago was a Diptyque candle, the scent was Baies. Since then, I now own about 5 different Diptyque candles. They are all around the apartment from the coffee table, bathroom, end table and entry. I personally love the Figue and Rose scents the best. These candles are a bit on the pricier side than normal candles but they last forever and their fragrance is beautiful. You can easily reuse the glass container to hold makeup brushes and other small collectables. They make a great gift too! I just got the Tuberose candle in the mail from a client and it was such a sweet surprise. The original store is on St Germain de Près in Paris. 

Compagnie de Provence

I discovered Compagnie de Provence in Paris a few years back. Their bottles and branding are beautiful but also their scents are lovely for the home. I purchased a set of these at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I already want backups when these finish. It is a simple way to add an upgrade to your kitchen or guest bathroom. I am currently loving the Rose scent right now.  

25 French Brands You can Buy in the US Compagnie de Provence

Wild Rose $28



Klorane is the brand behind the cult favorite dry shampoo. You can find this brand available at just about every French Pharmacie. I use the Mango shampoo and conditioner and love it. It smells amazing and works really well with my hair. I have always found the pollution and water to kill my hair while visiting Paris. Staying loyal to Klorane and only washing/conditioning my hair a few times a week really made a difference. I would love to try some of the other scents like Peony which sounds amazing. 

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US

One bottle lasts me 6 months $20



I am all about good skincare. Caudalie is one of my favorite French brands. It fills about half of my bathroom shelves and I can't live without their lip balm, I have one in each bag. If you have the chance to get a facial at Caudalie, I highly recommend it! I love that their products are all natural and it is an approachable price point. 

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US

Petit Marseillais

Petit Marseillais is a Bath and Body brand that can easily be found in Monoprix (French Target) or a Grocery Store. I purchase it as my body wash ( lavender or vanilla) and my hand soap as soon as I arrive in Paris after checking into an apartment rental. The prices are reasonable under $8 and the scents are great and smell so fresh. I used to bring it home in my suitcase and they just recently started selling in the US via Amazon and Target

25 French Barnds You Can Buy in the US

Buly 1803

The original store is located on the Left Bank in Paris close to St Germain de Près. You will feel as though you stepped back in time to as you enter the store. From haircare, perfume and  beauty products you will find products all created with natural ingredients. There is now a new store in the Marais which includes a café where you can sit at the bar for a coffee or take an ice cream to go. 

image provided by Buly official

image provided by Buly official

Sisley Paris

It is no secret that Sisley is one of my favorite skincare brands. I use it daily from my cleanser, masks, and mascara. A little goes a long way and I have seen great results. Favorite products include their so intense mascara, their Sisley Hair Rituel serum, exfoliating mask, and eye mask (I never fly without it) 

For the Kids 

Petit Bateau

I first found out about Petit Bateau when I was studying abroad in college. I used to buy their t-shirts for crazy low prices and loved them. I actually bought the kids sizes but just on the very larger end. They worked out great! Now that I have a niece and nephew and friends with babies this is a great gift! I love the soft cotton and classic French style. There is a Petit Bateau in every arrondissement in Paris. It feels like they are Starbucks in the US just about everywhere you look. They have great Sales so if you are in France make sure to pop in and visit. 


Blue and White Onesie $20


I have always loved the brand Mustela. I first learned about it from one of the families I nannied for. You can find it easily in just about any French Pharmacie. I bought it for my sister when Emma was born and again for Bobby. The lotion smells so good and it was fun to bring something home from Paris for the kids. You can find this available on Nordstrom, Amazon and Target.  

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US Mustela

The lotion was my favorite for Emma when she was born.

Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe has become popular for teething babies in the states over the past couple of years. I picked up one for Emma at the grocery before she was born. It was pretty inexpensive. You can buy them online at Nordstrom, Pottery Barn Kids, and Amazon. Sophie now has other toys and books as the brand has extended. The original Sophie was started in Paris for over 50 years ago. 

25 French Brands You can Buy in the US Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie The Giraffe


Splurge Alert! The prices are a little higher but if you want to spoil someone an adorable dress might be the way to do it. This site I found actually has reasonable prices (HALF of the normal prices)There is a Boutique in NYC right next to Ladurée in Soho. I dream of dressing an adorable little girl in clothing from Bonpoint.

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US

Bonpoint $350

A Taste of Paris


Ladurée is known for the macarons and delicious French pastries. There are lines out the door during high season in Paris. Recently, Ladurée opened up US locations in NYC, DC, Miami and LA. I am still waiting for them to open a Chicago location.. They are working on an e-commerce site coming soon so hopefully it will be up and running before the holidays. 

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US

Maison Kayser

You can easily find an Eric Kayser in Paris. They serve a variety of breads, pastries and sandwiches. I really love their baguette because it has more of a sourdough taste than the traditional baguette. Just add salted butter and it is pretty much heaven. I was so happy to see these pop up in NYC and now DC. I have been messaging them about a Chicago location which hopefully will happen soon. If you are in NYC, stop by for a croissant, baguette monge, or a brownie. My three favorites! 

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US


Kusmi Tea and Palais des Thès are my favorites. I used to bring some back after every trip but now you can buy them in the US. For Kusmi Tea, I love the Beauty Detox especially to make iced tea out of in the Summer. They launched this the first year I lived in Paris so the flavor brings back good memories. Also, the hibiscus tea Aquarosa is so flavorful and doesn’t have caffeine. For Palais des Thés, I always have some Rooibos du Hammam in the house. I love it when I am not feeling well. You can throw a splash of almond milk in hot tea and it is so good.

Paris Photography shop by Rebecca Plotnick

If you didn't know my full time job is a Paris photographer. I started back in 2010 and I have been capturing the city and selling my photographs all over the world ever since. You can purchase them on my personal site here. 

A simple way to add a little Paris into your life is through Home Decor. You can find an inexpensive frame at West Elm, Pottery Barn, or Target. 

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research fund. Merci! 

Paris in Black and White

Good News! The apartment is painted...finally it is a color palate or black, white, and gold. The walls weren't awful before but now that this place is finally white it makes such a huge difference and I am happier in my own space. I still have a lot of things back in their places which I might be doing some rearranging and hopefully some purging. Once my body stops aching the bathroom and kitchen will get a fresh coat of white too. 

When I decided to paint the place white I immediately knew I wanted a gallery wall. I have wanted to hang my own art for quite some time but I just haven't because life gets busy... and it is so hard to choose what will go up on my walls. I have a catalog of thousands of Paris Photographs.

The wall behind the couch will be all black and whites with black frames. Simple but classic Paris. I have narrowed it down to the following. Let me know what you think. Also if anyone has gallery wall tips please comment below. 

Photograph by Iheartparisfr 

Photograph by Iheartparisfr 

All Paris Prints are available in the shop for purchase. Click here


My inspiration is something I found on Pinterest

source pinterest

5 Ways to Repurpose a Ladurée Box

The beautiful Ladurée boxes are hard to resist even without the macarons. They come in all different colors ( my favorite is pink) and they are too pretty to throw away. I have gotten a few as gifts over the years and I always try to reuse them in some way so they can be on display without throwing them out. Here are some ideas on how I use mine at home. Feel free to comment below and tell me how you reuse yours! 

Store Your Pens on Your Desk

5 ways to repurpose a ladurée box

I am always at a loss for pens and I prefer black over blue. I am still a huge fan of writing notes in old-fashioned notebooks so pens are essential. If you have a bunch on your desk it can get messy. The Ladurée box is a perfect size for storing your pens. 

Match Books from Your Travels

match box storage in a ladurée box

When it comes to my candles at home I am always looking for matches. In Paris it is a little easier to find them at restaurants. I collected a few of my favorites and keep them on hand when I need them. Storing them in my Laudrée box is the perfect spot. Plus it fits neatly on your coffee table too. 

how to repurpose a ladurée box 5 ways

Your Favorite Lipsticks

5 ways to repurpose a ladurée box

If you are like me I have a few different lipsticks and glosses rolling around my bathroom. Storing them in a Ladurée box is a perfect way to keep them tucked away until you need them. Plus this helps keep them all in one neat spot. I keep the box on my shelf in the bathroom for easy access.

Cotton Keeper for Your Beauty Products 

5 ways to repurpose a ladurée box

I am a huge fan of cotton squares for taking off makeup at night, putting on toner, or removing nail polish. I literally have so many of these in my bathroom since they are multipurpose. I love storing my cotton squares in my Laudrée box because it is a perfect size. 

Hair Accessories (Bobby Pins and More) 

5 ways to repurpose a ladurée box

I am forever loosing my bobby pins all around the house so I prefer to keep them in one place. This way when I am on the hunt for one of those tiny pins I can find them! I will keep a business card from a favorite restaurant or travel spot to keep them organized inside. 

Other ideas?

Cord keeper? jewelry box? Comment below and share your favorite!