Paris in Black and White

Good News! The apartment is painted...finally it is a color palate or black, white, and gold. The walls weren't awful before but now that this place is finally white it makes such a huge difference and I am happier in my own space. I still have a lot of things back in their places which I might be doing some rearranging and hopefully some purging. Once my body stops aching the bathroom and kitchen will get a fresh coat of white too. 

When I decided to paint the place white I immediately knew I wanted a gallery wall. I have wanted to hang my own art for quite some time but I just haven't because life gets busy... and it is so hard to choose what will go up on my walls. I have a catalog of thousands of Paris Photographs.

The wall behind the couch will be all black and whites with black frames. Simple but classic Paris. I have narrowed it down to the following. Let me know what you think. Also if anyone has gallery wall tips please comment below. 

Photograph by Iheartparisfr 

Photograph by Iheartparisfr 

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My inspiration is something I found on Pinterest

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