Paris Diaries: March Day 5

My 10 day trip to Paris was pretty much full on rain and cold weather. There were two tiny moments of sunshine. The first hint of sunshine was on the day that I met my friend Katie Donnelly at Café de Flore for a photo session. I walked at sunrise down St Germain des Prés to meet her. It wasn’t too far of a walk and I really enjoyed the quiet morning. I arrived early (shocker for anyone that knows me) and saw my favorite waiter Laurent.

Katie and I caught up for a bit while we ordered a café crème and a croissant. We hadn’t seen each other since October and while we facetime and text, it was good to see each other in person. The sun was still glowing while we captured these images.

katie donnelly photography rebecca plotnick everyday parisian
katie donnelly for everyday parisian paris france cafe de flore
katie donnelly for everyday parisian
katie donnelly for everyday parisian cafe de flore

I am SO nervous in front of the camera but since Katie and I are such good friends it has become a lot easier to shoot with her. These photographs have become the best memories for me. I can’t believe I spent years not having any photos of me in Paris. These arrived in my inbox just before I turned 37.

Photos by Katie Donnelly Photography

rebecca plotnick katie donnelly

After our breakfast chat and photos, I walked back to my Paris Perfect apartment to check out and move to Pavillon des Lettres. I had been waiting to hang my photography as an exhibition here all week and it was scheduled to go up on this particular Friday. I met with the engineer and put all the frames together to hang in the hallways of the hotel. You may remember a previous post where I asked for help on deciding which art would go up on the walls. I was deciding between Paris in the Spring or Paris in Black and White. It was a split decision between all those who voted so I ended up deciding to do Paris in Black and White just to go along with the look of the hotel.

My room had a wrap around balcony with a view of the Eiffel Tower. I was really looking forward to seeing this view at night.


I had plans in the evening to meet up with a few friends for drinks. We ended up at a spot called Freddy’s next to Semilla. We had small bites and wine and laughed so hard we cried. The next day we were still trying to figure out what was so funny and had us in tears. It was a great night.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales to Shop

For years, it was a family tradition to wake up super early and shop the day after Thanksgiving. It used to be just my sister, mom and I. Now the family has the addition of two little ones and our priorities have changed a lot. Sleep is rare for me and way more important than waking up early to save a few extra dollars. Now with online shopping, we can shop early and stay in our pajamas a little longer. These are my favorite sales online and a few things I am buying this Black Friday Sale weekend.

My favorite Anthropologie mirror is on sale for $313 from the normal $448. This is a better deal than I paid and I have never seen this price so low. I would snatch up another one if I had room. Plus FREE shipping on orders over $150 so you save additional money on shipping.

They also have the pajamas that I want for Christmas. I bought my niece and nephew each a pair for tradition. The site crashed yesterday from so much traffic but it is back up and we bought pajamas for the whole family!

My marble table is 40% off. I bough this full price but it was totally worth it.

marble bistro table

40% off

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my Paris fund. I am hoping to get back early next year. Merci in advance! xo

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Autumn Postcards from Paris

One of my goals of the Paris agenda was to see Paris for the first time through a fresh set of eyes. It was requested that I bring everyday Paris to all of my readers. I am excited to announce the newest print shop collection which is now in the shop. I launched the new print shop a year ago this week so I am celebrating with 20% off all prints. The site also got a much needed refresh just in time for the holidays. Use the code ANNIVERSARY through next Wednesday to save 20%.

photo by Katie Donnelly

photo by Katie Donnelly