What to Do in Paris When it Rains

If you are headed to Paris in any Season, expect to find rain in the forecast. I learned the hard way that May is the rainiest month of the year. I was caught in downpours more than once and was soaked down to my shoes. It is important to always carry an umbrella even when there is no rain in the forecast. A trench coat is versatile in the Parisian weather and highly recommended for your Paris packing list. 

what to do in paris when it rains

Walk the Paris Passages 

This is one of my favorite memories from living in Montmartre. You can easily walk from the 9th at the end of Rue des Martrys through Galerie Vivienne with only taking a few steps outside. This is a perfect rainy day activity. Last Spring, I found myself at a café for a glass of wine and it suddenly started to rain. I was just at the beginning of the passages in the 9th so it was great to walk through them again. You can dine inside or grab a drink and some of them have great shops.  

what to do in paris when it rains
what to do in paris when it rains

See A Movie 

Try one of the historical theaters in Paris such as Cinema de Pantheon or explore the basement of Sèzane which has a film screening room. 

what to do in paris when it rains

Wait out the Rain on a Covered Terrace 

The good thing about the rain in Paris is that it eventually passes. Grab a glass of wine or tea/coffee and wait out the rain. You will still be able to people watch for a bit while the storm clears. 

what to do in paris when it rains

Visit a Museum

I say skip the classic Louvre and visit one that is a little less known. One of my favorites is Musée Nissim de Camondo

Shop for Souvenirs

I always love stopping in Galleries Lafayette for gifts. You can spend an entire afternoon here between the restaurants and shopping. If you find yourself with a rainy day in the forecast while you are in Paris, take a little time to visit Les Grands Magasins (The famous departments stores). Printempts and Galleries Lafayette are right next to each other. If the rain clears, head to the roof for the beautiful view of the city. 

galleries lafayette paris france
what to do in paris when it rains

Do you have a favorite rainy day activity? Comment below and share! 


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