My Favorite Travel Accessories

I know a few things about traveling and packing and it is all through trial and error. It didn’t come naturally, I promise. Every time I forgot something on a trip, I learned a lesson or two and I got better every time. I most recently packed for a trip to Amsterdam in less than an hour in a carry on. Here are a few of my favorite travel accessories that I can’t live without. I hope this post helps when you plan your next trip.

If there is something you can’t live without or have a great travel/packing trip, comment below.

This post does include affiliate links which I make a small commission on if something is purchased. Merci in advance!

Packing Cubes

These make packing so much easier! I like having everything in one spot so I know exactly where it is. If you need to grab socks, tanks, underwear in a pinch. Some of the hotels I have stayed in recently have had very little drawer space. Packing cubes keep things organized.

I typically pack in a carry on, unless I am going on a longer trip. I really LOVE my Away suitcase. I didn’t think it would live up to the hype but it really does.

Travel Wallet

I prefer to carry a small wallet when traveling for safety. This Cuyana wallet holds a few cards including my credit card and license along with coins for coffee and euros. I keep one card in my wallet and the rest of my cards in the safe at the hotel or back at the apartment. If for some reason, I loose my wallet or get pickpockets, I will always have a backup card for emergencies. You can read more about my safety tips for traveling in this post here.

Back up Battery

I have a collection of adapters that I have used for years. I have one that fits my Mac and one that goes on my iPhone charger. It is second nature to switch over once I land and set up my mini office in Paris. This adapter for $10 from Target is an easy solution to charge multiple devices. I would keep this in my suitcase because it is small and inexpensive.


I still love my SLR Canon don’t get me wrong. I can operate it with my eyes closed. But carrying around 4 lenses ( I prefer fixed lenses) can really take a toll on my back. I purchased this FUJI camera last year and I am so happy I did. It is more powerful than my SLR just because the technology is more recent and the files are huge (if you shoot RAW). I love the color and quality of the prints. I have brought it everywhere with me this year from Italy, France, and Australia. I even let Emma (age 6) shoot with it this Summer.

SIM Card

My phone provider in the US is Verizon which offers an International plan of $10 a day. I prefer to switch my SIM to Orange which is $50 for 2 weeks. You can get 10 GB or 20 GB. I honestly have never used the full 10 GB in two weeks and I am always on Google Maps, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It seems to be the most cost effective option if you are staying a week or more. My whole family got them this Summer and it made communication so much easier.

Just switch out your SIM from your iPhone with the SIM from Orange. I used to wait in line at Orange in Paris and you have to bring your passport and it takes forever. Plus, they are closed on Sundays. This is way easier and it takes less than 2 minutes. I always leave a little masking tape on the inside of the envelope for my SIM card so it doesn’t get lost.

Bags (Cuyana)

My zippered tote from Cuyana is one of my favorite things I own. I use it everyday. I think it is perfect for travel especially if you have the insert which allows me to keep my laptop separate and my wallet, iPhone, passport, and camera all in one spot. The zip top makes it great for safety too.


When it comes to arriving looking like you haven’t flown overnight, I always like to use this Eye Contour Mask from Sisley. I put it under my eyes before flying and it lasts the whole trip. I keep it in my Cuyana bag along with their Sisley Black Rose Mask and my Bioderma face wipes for when I land. I like to freshen up when I land with one of these wipes.

Toiletry Bags

I have had these Cuyana Travel Bags for years and use them on every trip small or big. It comes with two bags and I use the small one for makeup and the larger one for my skincare. You can see where my priorities are ;) These also make the best gift for someone that travels a bunch. They have a men’s and women’s version.

Oversized Cashmere Scarf

A few years ago, my aunt sent me an oversized cashmere scarf. I always asked to borrow one of hers when we were together. She loves bright colors but she sent me a black one ( my preferred color choice) that I use on almost all international flights. I can’t find the brand she purchase for me but this one is similar.

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12 Days of Giveaways

I wanted a way to give back to all of you this holiday season, so I came up with 12 days of Giveaways! These are some of my favorite things and I am sharing them with you!

Each day from December 1 - 12, I will be giving one reader one of the items in the photo above. You can read why I love each item below. They were chosen with love!

To enter, you will need to send in your email here. It is the easiest and best way for me to stay organized. I will also need to know where you live, most of the winners will have to be US based because of timing and cost to ship. Make sure you fill out all the questions as I will be surprising a few readers with their Christmas wish as a bonus!

The gift of the day won’t be announced until the actual day. This gives some surprise to the start of the Holiday Season and makes this more fun. You can join in at any time! But I highly recommend signing up ASAP so you have more chances to win. You can share on social media for extra chances to win. Just make sure to tag @everydayparisian

  1. Sézane Gift Certificate My collection of Sézane items is quickly growing and I know there were a lot of you that mentioned this was on your wish list for Christmas. I am giving away one $50 gift card to use on the one item you have your eye on. A few things I am loving from Sézane right now are:

2. Sisley has become a favorite of mine over the years and I love a good red lip. Tango #18 is a staple for me. This is a classic red that looks good on a variety of skin tones.

Izia by Sisley has become my signature fragrance. I wear it on dates or nights out with friends. I have been stopped in the elevator, by my Uber driver, and strangers just to ask what I am wearing. I am giving away one Tango 18 Red Lip Twist and one Izia Perfume.

3. You have been hearing me talk about this pink JCrew scarf for a while now. It has been put to good use and Winter hasn’t even officially started yet. I am also including my Caudalie lip conditioner because I can’t live without it and neither should you! I have one in every bag and jacket pocket.

4. Shh.. Did you know I eat chocolate for breakfast? A square a day with my morning coffee and it is always Vosges Haut-Chocolat. I love the super dark matcha. Vosges is made right here in Chicago and I am addicted. I am giving away a 6 bar chocolate library of your choice of bars. Don’t worry, I know we all don’t love matcha as much as I do. My sister loves their Barcelona Bar with almonds and my mom loves their Smoked Salt Bar. You can pick your favorite 6 chocolate bars to make your own custom library. My sister keeps them in her Mom Stash away from Emma ;)

5. When I travel, I always bring my Cuyana Travel Set. I use one for skincare (the larger one) and the smaller one for my makeup. They keep me organized and I love the quality and overall look of them. I have owned mine for 2 years and they have been around the world with me. These also make a great gift idea if you are looking for something for your mom, sister, or daughter. I own the black one but they recently introduced a blush color that has me wishing I had two sets.

6. I found this adorable Bonjour mug from Anthropologie a few weeks ago and I bought a few. I wanted to give them away on the blog and then I came up with this giveaway idea. The mug is officially sold out as of this morning. I snagged a few extra at my local Anthropologie in Chicago. They were kind enough to hold some for me! But let me sweeten the deal for you with the Paris collection of Nespresso pods. (the ones I purchased are for the original machine) sorry if you have the new line… they are SOLD out of both online. So this is a pretty sweet combo! One lucky reader will receive a three pack of the sold out Paris Collection and one Bonjour Mug.

7. I purchased my first Diptyque candle when I moved into my Chicago apartment in 2015. I wanted a reminder of Paris. I used to visit the original shop on St Germain de Près and I have always wanted one. I have collected a few more over the years. My original was Baies but I now love Fig, Tuberose, and Rose. I am giving away one full size Diptyque candle, the winner will have their choice of scent.

8. I know not all my readers are US based and I wanted to give something away that would be available for everyone. I am giving away one of my prints from The Print Shop. You will have your choice of one 16x20 print (a $90 value)

9. If you are headed out of the country you will need your passport and why not have a cute passport holder to go with it? This one is from Anthropologie and has written En Route. I included it in my gift guide and I also purchased one for one of you guys. I have had the same passport holder since my trip in 2013 that a friend gave to me. It makes it so easy to find in my bag when I am traveling.

I am also including Paris in Stride for your next trip to Paris. This is a great walking guide of the city with illustrations and tips on places to explore.

10. Ode à la Rose delivers Parisian inspired flower bouquets to Chicago and New York City. This is one of the reasons I ask where you live in the sign up because this one is just for Chicago/NYC residents. I have tried this service out twice and both times I was extremely happy with the whole experience. I even got macarons delivered with my flowers for Fall. I love fresh flowers at home and this is a great gift. Send flowers to a loved one this holiday season. I will be choosing two lucky reader to receive a bouquet from Ode à la Rose. (this is actually a gift from them!) One winner will be chosen from NYC and one from Chicago. Merci Ode à la Rose.

ode a la rose 12 days of giveaways everyday parisian

11. I started the Book Club last year and while it has slowed down this year due to my busy schedule, I really enjoyed The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah this year so I have one copy to gift one reader. This would be a great read over the holidays while you are snuggled up in your pajamas. Plus, I am also including Paris Cocktails for you to create something fun over the holiday season and beyond.

12. I always have at least one notebook in my bag with me at all times with a pen to jot down ideas and notes. I love Rifle Paper company and I have been a big fan of their work for years. I have the Un, Deux, Trois print on my gallery wall and I am giving away one to a reader along with Paris notebooks and stickers. The ultimate little Francophile package.

12 days of giveaways rifle paper company everyday parisian

The winners will be notified via email and I will ship everything out on December 13 to arrive in time for Christmas. I cannot thank you all enough for making this year so fun and rewarding. Lots of love to you all!!

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P.S. You must enter to win! In case you missed it, you can sign up here.